Coming Soon to a Concrete Slab Near You…

by Stephen Custer, Marketing Consultant, Summer Staff Alumni

In January 2024, the Willamette Valley experienced a challenging ice storm, leaving its mark on Camp Lutherwood Oregon. The ice got so thick that it actually brought down the huge tent that we’ve been using since the fire at the Lodge. This tent served as more than just a shelter.

It was a gathering space, a place to walk the labyrinth, a dining hall, a venue for dance parties and variety shows, a place to share about nature, and a meeting place to build friendships.

With the tent now dismantled and removed, we find ourselves at a
crossroads. We’ve got this empty space just waiting to be filled with something amazing! With 12-18 months until construction on the Retreat Lodge begins, we have a unique chance to re-imagine how this space can serve our community.

The possibilities are endless. Imagine a court for pickleball players, a
space for basketball games under the Oregon sky, or a stage for music, arts, and theater presentations that showcase the talents of our campers. Perhaps it’s all of the above, with room for crafts, outdoor school programs, and whatever else our creative minds can dream up.

As we prepare for the summer ahead, we’re excited to explore all the ways we can play and connect with our campers. While we continue to work out the details, we promise that the result will be a super cool addition to camp. So when you arrive this summer, prepare to be surprised by the possibilities that await you on that concrete slab.

Together, let’s embrace this opportunity for growth, innovation, and fun. The future of Camp Lutherwood Oregon is bright, and we can’t wait to share it with you!

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