From the Director

Executive Director Andrea Scofield

Dear Friends,

As we welcome another spring to Camp Lutherwood Oregon, not only do we notice the new growth around the site, but in our year-round staff team too. Since the end of January, we have welcomed four new staff members: Elliott, Paul, Marco, and Zach along with Zach’s family, wife Keanna and son Escher.

In a time of rising housing costs and lack of affordable housing in the Eugene area, on-site staff housing has become more and more important. With the growth of our staff, offering safe and comfortable staff accommodations continues to be a significant need.

Thanks to our amazing weekly volunteers, our terrific Site Manager, Tom Brewer, and all the current staff, we, together, have transformed the housing at camp. These transformations should be almost completed by the time you read this! We are grateful for the support of the Central Lutheran Foundation in Eugene for contributing to a portion of the work completed.

The original house, known as the Cottage, was built in the 1930’s and was desperate for many necessary upgrades. It is now absolutely beautiful and we are so happy that Zach and his family will enjoy the space.

Marco, Daisy, and Haley all live in the Site House which got a brand new coat of interior paint. Tom and Jamie (and sometimes I do too!) enjoy living at the newly remodeled home on the adjacent property to the east. We continue to call this the Gibson Property in memory of the past owner and dear friend of Lutherwood, Don Gibson, who lived there with his family in the 1990s and early 2000s.

We rejoice at the new possibilities to offer staff a place of welcome and a place to call home at camp. We are grateful to everyone who continues to support the ministry of hospitality at Camp Lutherwood Oregon.

Blessings to each of you,

Andrea Scofield

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