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Enjoy your sessions and programming outside in one of our various outdoor gathering spaces! All outdoor gathering spaces are surrounded by trees and will help you get in touch with nature. The use of these wonderful spaces is included with any day-use or overnight package.

The dining hall with the patio and picnic tables in the foreground at Camp Lutherwood Oregon


Capacity: 175 seated

The brand new dining hall with commercial kitchen is the perfect place to host a lunch gathering, conference meeting, or simply gather for an afternoon snack. Amenities include access to Wi-Fi, a sound system, and two TV monitors with projection capabilities.

The outdoor chapel with fourteen benches on a hillside with a platform and altar in front


Capacity: 80 seated

Renovated in the summer of 2017, Outdoor Chapel has 14 log-cabin style benches set into the hillside, creating a natural amphitheater. The benches face a wooden platform and a moveable altar. This space can be used for group meetings, ceremonies, and speakers. Trails leading up to Outdoor Chapel are make of compacted gravel and are wheel-chair accessible. Surrounded by various evergreen and deciduous trees, Outdoor Chapel makes for a gorgeous outdoor setting.

The picnic shelter or craft shed at the end of the front field at Camp Lutherwood Oregon


Capacity: 40 seated

The covered picnic shelter overlooks the front field and has full electricity for all types events. The picnic shelter is ideal for a buffet line, DJ set up, or craft space. Large removable tables, benches, and chairs can be used for your event or stored elsewhere prior to your arrival.

Lower campfire with numerous benches and a large cross at Camp Lutherwood Oregon


Capacity: 100 seated

Lower Campfire is located at the eastern bend of Luther Creek. This is the main fire pit at Lutherwood with benches available to seat more than 100. Lower campfire is just yards away from the main tent, with immediate access to the A-frame cabins and the Well.

The meeting spot called The Well with three benches and a large cross at Camp Lutherwood Oregon


Capacity: 25 seated

Located across Luther Creek, The Well is an intimate meeting spot amongst the trees. There are five wooden benches for seating surrounding the well, along with the trailhead to Mountain Village. Take your group here for some quiet time for reflection or meditation, and enjoy the natural beauty of camp.