Welcome Zach Pohl to the Lutherwood Family

by Stephen Custer, Marketing Consultant, Summer Staff Alumni

In March of 2020, the unexpected arrival of COVID-19 brought about significant changes for camp. Camp Lutherwood Oregon had to make some tough decisions, letting go of eight staff members by the end of the month. It was a trying time for all involved, as we navigated through uncharted waters. And to top it off, the summer of 2020 felt eerily quiet without our usual hustle and bustle due to COVID-19 restrictions.

In the midst of these challenges, we bid farewell to Charlotte Trent, our last full-time year-round Director of Programs, in March 2020. Since then, we’ve been without someone in that role full-time — until now.

Director of Programs and Guest Relations Zach Pohl and his family

We’re thrilled to welcome Zach Pohl to Camp Lutherwood Oregon as our new Director of Programs and Guest Relations. Zach, along with his wife Keanna and their 7-month-old son Escher, arrived on March 4th amidst a blanket of snow covering Lutherwood, a significant change in scenery and weather. Coming all the way from Texas, they’re settling into the newly remodeled cottage on site.

Zach will be at the helm of all things related to programs, both year-round
and summer. Additionally, he’ll be leading the development of our guest relations process, as we aim to forge deeper partnerships with organizations that make Lutherwood their home.

This summer, we’re excited to host Holt International for their adoptee
camp and CampFire Wilani for their family camp weekend and one of
their summer camp weeks. These partnerships not only enrich our programs, but also strengthen our community bonds.

Zach brings with him a wealth of talent and experience. As a skilled singer/songwriter and musician, he has released albums since 2013. You can even check out his music on Spotify! With his wife Keanna, they form “The Pohl Vault,” where they share their music and visual art. We’re excited to see how music and the arts at camp will take on a new look as they bring their gifts to Lutherwood.

Welcome, Zach, Keanna, and Escher! We’re overjoyed to have you join our camp family, and we can’t wait to see the incredible contributions you’ll make to Camp Lutherwood Oregon.

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