The Woods of Lutherwood

by Marco Longoria, Coordinator of Outdoor Education, Recreation Programs and Partnerships

Camp Lutherwood Oregon sits in a special place ecologically. Did you know that camp is located exactly between two of Oregon’s nine ecoregions? According to the Clackamas Soil and Water Conservation District’s website, an ecoregion is a large area defined by the range of species or environmental conditions present. Camp is located right between the Coast Range and the Willamette Valley where low coastal mountains ecoregions are nearby: the dry ridges of the Klamath Mountains and the alpine peaks of the West Cascades. This unique location gives camp great environmental diversity for all campers and guests to explore.

With many different types of environments around camp, there is the opportunity to see interactions in plants and animals that you might not be able to see in other parts of the state. Camp hosts a variety of plants ranging from large conifers like the Douglas Fir to small stream bushes like Osoberry. When it comes to animals, camp is home to squirrels, bats, beetles, among many others, and even the occasional camper!

Which ecoregion do you live in? What area of camp are you most
curious about? We invite you to come and join the conversation
with us while we experience the ecoregion of Lutherwood together.

Oregon Ecoregions Map

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