Preparing for Camp

What to bring to camp

We want every camper and person who comes to our site feel welcomed and relaxed. To help you, your camper, or group prepare for your time at camp, here are a few tips and things to keep in mind!

Remember to label items with your name. Try to limit your belongings to one piece of luggage, plus a bedroll and backpack.

  • – Face masks (bring at least 5 clean face masks that fit snugly)
  • – Warm sleeping bag, extra blanket
  • – Pillow
  • – Two towels (one for creek/pool, and one for showering) 
  • – Casual clothes (jeans, shorts, T-shirts)
  • – Underwear, socks (bring enough for the week, and a few extra pairs!)
  • – Warm clothing for the evening (rain jacket, sweatshirt, warm socks)
  • – Swimsuit
  • – Comfortable closed-toed shoes (tennis shoes or hiking boots)
  • – Creek exploring shoes (not flip-flops)  
  • – Toiletries (shampoo, toothpaste, etc.)
  • – Bug spray, lip balm  
  • – Sunscreen, hat
  • – Headlamp or flashlight  
  • – Water bottle (or purchase one from our Trading Post!)  
  • – Medications in their original containers, if needed
  • – Bible (not needed for Camp Noah)
  • – Backpack
  • – Journal, pen
  • – Letter writing materials
  • – Fitted sheet to cover the camp mattress (Twin-sized)
  • – Money for Trading Post (deposited on Sunday check in)  
  • – White clothing item for tie dye
  • – Musical instrument
What not to bring
  • No weapons of any kind, fireworks, or drugs/alcohol are allowed on-site. We encourage you not to pack any valuables as the camp will not be liable for lost, stolen, or damaged items. Our camp does not have cell phone service, so it’s best to leave personal devices (including phones, tablets, and hand-held video games) with the parent/guardian before checking in.
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Why is sending my child to camp especially important this year? Watch this video Series to learn more

Check-in & check-out

Check-in for camp is open from 2 to 4 PM on Sunday. When you arrive, Lutherwood staff will guide you through our check-in process! We are using a drive-through system that allows parents and guardians to remain in their vehicles, ensuring physical distancing for COVID-19 prevention. Remember to bring proof of vaccination, COVID-19 test results, and other necessary forms. Check our COVID-19 guidelines to make sure you have everything!

Check-out for camp is at 3 PM on Thursday. A drive-up check-out process will ensure distancing and that campers leave with their authorized pick-up person. 

AFter camp

Campers will have the chance to evaluate their week of camp before the check out process begins. Parents/Guardians will be sent a follow up email with a survey where you can further share how your campers experience was at camp. This is a great time to talk to your camper about things they tried, how they liked the food, or something new they learned. We hope that each person who walks across our bridge has an empowering experience, and would encourage you to engage with your camper or family about their time at camp. They may ask to pray before meals, or you might catch them singing and dancing to one of the camp songs! These are good indicators that your camper had a great time at camp.

Sometimes, campers can struggle with their week away from home. We are always looking for feedback for how to improve our programming and overall services. Please feel free to contact us with comments or concerns both good and bad!


Phone: (541) 998-6444

Email: office@lutherwoodoregon.org

Helpful articles & resources

“Home from Camp” by Beth Arky, Child Mind Institute

“9 Tips For A Smoother Re-Entry Home From Overnight Camp” by Lauren Kozloff Sinrod, ScaryMommy.com

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