“Camp Lutherwood Oregon offers an outdoor experience that empowers staff and guests of all ages to discover caring and affirming relationships with God, others, self, and the natural world.”

Camp Lutherwood Oregon aims to be a vibrant center of spirituality, service, and hospitality open to people of all ages and all faiths. Lutherwood provides experiences that bring people into a deeper awareness and connection with God, self, neighbor, the community and the earth. Laughter and shared experiences result in a richer understanding of the connectedness of life to one another and to the life giving grace from Creator God. We are a sustainable organization cultivating lives of faith and service.

Community: Intentional, life-giving relationships with Christ at the core.

Faith: Nurturing faith through sacred texts, sharing and experiential learning

Leadership: Trained and dedicated professional staff and volunteers.

Stewardship: Responsible use of our resources and facilities

Worship: Inspired worship through creativity and music.

Creation: Caring for and interacting with God’s Creation.

Play: Non-competitive play and outdoor recreation

Our Lutheran Heritage: Lutheran theology, congregations, laity, and clergy.

Discovery: Providing a safe place for personal discovery and the cultivation of servant leaders

Partnerships: Collaborative relationships with congregations, Lutheran judicatories, local, regional and national organizations along with schools and universities.

  1. Provide an exposure to and experience in the great outdoors

  2. Teach about our connections to the natural world and how to be good stewards of the earth

  3. Ground participants in the community with others

  4. Cultivate lives of faith and service

  5. Play, laugh, be still, listen and try new things

  6. Share delicious meals

  7. Offer hospitality to everyone

  8. Recognize all things as a gift from God

  9. Encourage a life of gratitude in response to all God has done for us

In 1959 a group of pastors in Eugene had a vision for a Bible camp for their kids. Lutheran Layman’s League of Lane County purchased 28 acres west of Junction City (off Hwy 36) to create the camp for Eugene area children and teens. Campers, along with their Pastor and other adult leaders, came to camp for a week and stayed in the only facility at the time–the barn. They wanted their youth to have an experience that deepened their faith in Jesus Christ, strengthened relationships with the other friends in the church, connected them to nature, and helped them discover their gifts to offer to the world–all while having fun and adventure.

Every summer since, campers have been discovering faith, friendship and fun at camp.

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Annual Report

Every January, Camp Lutherwood association hosts its annual meeting, in which staff and board members present the camp’s status during the previous year, and association churches vote on the upcoming year’s budget and any other topics of interest. At the meeting, each church receives a hard copy of the Annual Report, which gives updates on the happenings of previous year. Click below to see an electronic copy of the 2018 Annual Report!

If you would like to stay up-to-date on all of the happenings at Camp Lutherwood Oregon, read our most recent newsletter below!

Our Team

Jessica Goddard

Jessica Goddard is one of the 2018-2019 vision and call interns. Originally from Chico, California, She moved to Oregon at the beginning of September to start her role at Lutherwood. In May of 2018, she graduated of Biola University with a degree in journalism and integrated media and chose to take the internship opportunity to give herself a year to understand and decipher her vocational calling. She is passionate about journalism, listening to people’s stories, art, music running, reading, and cats. 

Jedediah Tressler

Jedediah Tressler is the Director of Food Services at camp, both managing the camp kitchen and serving as our head cook.  He has been working with Camp Lutherwood since 2017 and recently joined the year-round staff.  A Graduate from Texas A&M and West Virginia University with advanced science degrees, Jedediah approaches the work in the kitchen differently from most camp cooks.  He strongly believes in presenting guests a wide variety of foods from around the world, cooked from fresh ingredients as much as possible, in a way that allows everyone at camp to eat healthy and tasty food. 

Tom Brewer

Tom serves as the site and facilities manager. He keeps camp’s grounds healthy, clean and ready for campers and renters. You will always see Tom handling big projects  around the site, wading through the creek and preserving the nature around camp.

Jamie Brewer

Jamie Brewer is our facilities housekeeper and kitchen staff member. She keeps the site looking neat and clean, and her kind personality always brings the staff joy. Aside from cleaning, Jamie is particularly gifted in gardening, crafting and cooking.

Emily Johnson

Emily Johnson, one of the 2018-2019 Vision and Call Interns, is no stranger to Lutherwood as her parents met at when they were counselors in the 1980s. After working as a summer staff member for three summers, Emily decided to take on a year-long position working mainly in the registration and guest services departments before heading to graduate school in the fall of 2019 to pursue a degree in Speech Language Pathology.

Andrea Scofield

Andrea Scofield, Executive Director of Camp Lutherwood Oregon, builds and creates opportunities for staff, guests, volunteers, and donors to interact with the ministry of Camp Lutherwood. Her leadership has created a sustainable program and organization that continues to provide an outdoor experience to all guests. Andrea’s vision for Lutherwood is to expand the capacity and potential of Lutherwood and deepen the relationship with churches and the community.

Charlotte Trent

Program Director Charlotte Trent has been working with Camp Lutherwood since 2012 and is excited to join Lutherwood’s year round team. She is a recent grad of California Lutheran University, where she studied Theology and Christian Leadership with a focus on Youth and Family Ministry. She is a firm believer in the transformative power of camp and hopes to continue to build up the best of Lutherwood’s programs while also incorporating new opportunities for fun and discovery for campers and their families!

Nancy Morningstar

Nancy Morningstar joined the Lutherwood team in January of 2018 as the bookkeeper and guest services coordinator. Her smiling presence is always a joy to the Lutherwood community.