Assistant Cook (Spring Outdoor School) Job Title:                        Assistant Cook (Spring Outdoor School) Responsible to:            Head Cook Purpose of Role To assist in the preparation, cooking, and serving of meals within the camp dining hall and assist in cleaning and maintaining camp food preparation facilities. Description The assistant cook will assist the head cook in the preparation, cooking, and serving of meals within the camp dining hall for outdoor school programs and assist in cleaning and maintaining camp food preparation facilities. Required Experience 1-3 years experience preparing food for groups of 50+ or Successful completion of a food service degree program Qualifications
  • Flexibility to adapt to regularly changing circumstances.
  • Excellent communication with Head Cook and staff in collaboration with serving all guests and staff.
  • Ability to supervise work well with multiple kitchen staff.
  • Enjoy an Outdoor School atmosphere.
  • Demonstrated understanding of alternative meal planning and preparation for gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, dairy free, and any other needed food alternatives in order to meet the dietary and allergy needs of our campers, guests and staff.
  • Commitment to local, healthy, balanced and sustainable food service, upholding Camp Lutherwood Oregon’s Food Service philosophy.
  • Demonstrated understanding of clean kitchen facilities and kitchen procedures, working within the American Camp Association standards and Oregon Health Department standards.
  • Hold a current Oregon Food Handlers Card or equivalent.
  • Hold a current First Aid and Adult and Child CPR/AED certifications.
DUTIES Food preparation
  1. Assist or lead in the preparation and presentation of food including salads, meats, vegetables, soups, baked goods, dressings, sauces and desserts.
  2. Prepare all food items within agreed cooking methods and portion controls.
  3. Implement and maintain the Camp and School’s food standards, and work with the Head Cook to improve where possible.
  4. Ensure the food safety of guests with particular and special diets.
  5. Assist in the development of special menu items as needed to serve special dietary requirements including gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian, vegan and allergen sensitive.
  6. As directed by the head cook independently lead the kitchen in preparations of the days menu items.
Health and safety
  1. Ensure correct use of materials and equipment, and that kitchen areas are kept clean.
  2. Maintain highest levels of cleanliness and hygiene within the kitchen area, and ensure that the cleaning and safety monitoring schedule is completed on a daily basis.
  3. Carry out a deep clean as directed by the Head Cook.
  4. Ensure compliance with the Camp’s Health & Safety policy, ACA regulations and all statutory health and safety requirements, and ensure that these are observed by all members of staff and visitors.
  5. Report immediately any machinery faults to the Head Cook
  6. Co-operate with the camp on all issues relating to health, safety and welfare.
  7. Maintain a high standard of personal cleanliness and hygiene.
  8. Maintain a current Oregon Food Handlers Card, First Aid and Adult and Child CPR/AED certifications
Food Service
  1. Serve staff and guests at service time to the required standard and promote a warm, friendly atmosphere.
  2. Supervise guests in the dining hall ensuring good order and safety in accordance with Camp and School policies.
  1. Supervise and direct kitchen assistants in conjunction with the Head Cook
  2. Attend meetings and training courses as may be required.
  3. Undertake such other work as may be requested by the Head Cook up to or at a level consistent with the principal duties and responsibilities of the role.
  4. Maintain the camps drug and tobacco free campus policy.
Essential Functions: Able to lift/unload/move food and supplies; lift dishes to storage location; use kitchen equipment safely; operate electrical and mechanical equipment; maintain appropriate inventory of food and supplies; operate dishwasher while maintaining appropriate temperature; determine cleanliness of dishes, food-contact surfaces, and kitchen areas; assess condition of food. Physical Demands: Lifting: Able to lift 50-pounds from floor level, out of a sink, or off of a shelf to shoulder height. Carry: Able to carry 50-pounds 25 feet, and place it on the ground, in a sink or on a shelf three-feet high. Standing: Able to work standing in one place for 2-4 hours continuously. The physical effort typically applied in this job includes: Lifting, Carrying, Reaching, Pulling, Pushing, Stooping, Standing, Bending