collage of photos from the 1960s the show the lodge and front field

Learning about how people connect with camp is my favorite thing. Vintage photos are my other favorite thing.

Gloria Knudsen mailed us these gems in October, and it was — obviously — a really great moment.

As if the photos weren’t enough, Gloria also included a note in beautifully¬†script-y handwriting.

It reads: “Hello, Enclosed you will find a couple of snapshots of the early days of Camp Lutherwood. I don’t know the year. We lived in Junction City from 1958 to 1965, so sometime then. My Husband was Pastor Arnie Knudsen and was one of several helping to get the camp started. I rejoice in all the good experience people have had there. May it continue for many years.”

Camp is ever-focused on growth and looking ahead, but in moments like the one Gloria gave us I am reminded of our roots. In this place where our history can sometimes seem fragmented or even untraceable, people like Gloria are an absolute gift.

Vicky Hart, Communication & Outreach Coordinator

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