This week Creative Arts campers learned to express themselves through a variety of art mediums. They created mosaics, knitted scarves, sang songs, played percussion on kitchen items and even created their own musical!

Jade and CeCe proudly show off their mosaics

Jade and CeCe proudly show off their mosaics

A highlight for many campers was making mosaics. They broke up pieces of tile, and arrange them in a design of their choice. Then they cemented the tiles in wooden frames, and grouted them into place. It was a week- long project, and produced some beautiful results.

“We got to do lots of fun stuff this week, but my favorite was mosaics,” camper Jonathan said. “Making mosaics probably was my favorite thing I have ever done here!”

“I thought it was a great way to take something not so beautiful and turn it into something beautiful,” Crafts Leader Jessica said.

All the campers' final mosaics!

All the campers’ final mosaics!

Campers also worked with a music and drama teacher Tim, who helped them create a Christian musical throughout the week. They all played a part in creating a storyline, learning lines and singing songs. Finally, they presented some of their play at Thursday’s all-camp variety show. It was a huge hit among campers and staff alike!

Most of all, campers learned they can use their unique and artistic talents to serve and glorify God. Some campers enjoyed serving God through song, while others preferred serving God through artwork. Because everyone has been blessed with different spiritual gifts, they can each give service to God in their own special way.

Braden, Justin, Jonathan and Donavin sing a song in the variety show.

Braden, Justin, Jonathan and Donavin sing a song in the variety show.

“I’ve learned at Lutherwood that you can be expressive of yourself without any sort of doubt of being mistreated,” Donavin said. “I can serve God better through singing songs.”

“You can serve God when you are painting by putting in symbols and crosses, and then explaining your painting to someone,” camper Jonathan said.

“Art opens up the world to people that don’t know how to express themselves,” camper Abigail said. “They can express themselves through art and serve God.”

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