Volunteer Wednesdays

Camp stays running… thanks to your help!

Join us every Wednesday at camp from 9-3PM to help keep camp looking its best year-round. All are welcome!


Volunteers are always needed—all year long—to help Camp Lutherwood Oregon be a place where people of all ages form and grow in relationships with others, themselves, nature and God.

There is always something to help with around camp. From daily maintenance to larger landscaping and building projects, volunteers contribute significantly to the successful operation of Camp Lutherwood. Come by yourself, as a family, a youth or adult group, a Scout troop, or entire congregation and spend a day, weekend, week or longer serving at Camp Lutherwood Oregon!

Contact us for details about volunteering yourself or to schedule a work group at camp at (541) 998-6444 or email office@lutherwoodoregon.org



Volunteer Opportunities


Year Round Weekly Help

Call ahead and schedule a day and time to come to camp to work on a variety of projects led by camp’s Director of Operations. Projects often include: chopping wood, landscaping, trail work, and light construction projects.

Spring Work Days

Work alongside our full-time staff and help get camp ready for summer. Projects include cleaning cabins, washing windows, painting walls, planting flowers, doing light construction, and plenty more! Work Days begin at 9am and go until 3pm. Camp provides a delicious and satisfying lunch at noon on each Work Day. For more information about this Spring’s Work Days, click here.

Summer Chaplain

Calling all clergy! Come serve for a week at Camp Lutherwood Oregon during the summer program. Work with campers and staff, participate in worship and enjoy a relaxing time at a place set apart. For more information, please call or email camp.


What to know before you volunteer


Click here to download our volunteer policies!

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