Camp lutherwood - a place set apart

Camp Lutherwood Oregon’s mission is to be a place set apart for all people, where radical hospitality is encountered by all who walk across our bridge. The events of the past weeks have reignited important conversations within our organization, prompting the following question. Do all people feel welcome at camp? Although we work hard to welcome all, we are not able to give an unqualified “yes” in response.

Camp Lutherwood Oregon is committed to listening, reaching out beyond our circle, and diligently working on practical ways to be part of the change. We stand with those whose lives are in danger because of the color of their skin, especially our Black siblings.

Camp Lutherwood Oregon is a place set apart and we know that God’s Spirit moves in powerful ways through the community of camp. We believe that all of humanity is created in the image of God and we re-commit to live that out in new and tangible ways so that everyone has an opportunity to encounter a place set apart.

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