This week confirmation campers worked together to accomplish Group Initiative Challenges (GICs)! GICs are activities or different obstacles scattered around Camp Lutherwood that help strengthen campers’ communication and leadership skills. Campers have to work together with their cabins to solve the GIC, which can sometimes be difficult when they have just met at camp. However, GICs often are great ways to break the ice, and for campers to bond as a cabin.

Some of the most popular GICs are the Whale Watch, a large see-saw platform campers must balance, or the Wild Woozy, two wires that get progressively further apart for campers to walk along with a partner. Jadyn, a camper in Fir cabin, said her favorite GIC was the Spider Web, where campers lift their peers through holes in a giant web of string.

Jaysa gets lifted by her peers through the spider web.

Jaysa gets lifted by her peers through the Spider Web.

“It was fun because I got to be lifted, which was really cool,” Jadyn said. “But we had to figure it out on our own, which was tricky, because at first it seemed really hard and impossible, but there were a lot of helping hands and we figured it out.”

GICs are left entirely up to the campers to solve. It helps them learn how to communicate their ideas to a group of people and think creatively. Counselor Nathan Matters said he thinks it is a good thing for the kids to be figuring out the challenges for themselves, instead of counselors telling them how to accomplish the task.

“Leaders inside the campers will take over and lead the group to do certain things,” Nathan said. “So it teaches them to be leaders and how to lead a group of their peers.”

Ava leans on her partner for support on the Wild Woozy

Ava leans on her partner for support on the Wild Woozy

Ava from Cedar cabin said listening to everyone’s ideas and speaking up is the key to solving GICs.

“You don’t want to be someone who doesn’t share their ideas, because what if you have a really good idea,” Ava said. “So then you have to speak up and become a leader.”


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