It’s Friday, and we’re in love…

…with all the creative ideas that have transformed camp into a matrimonial masterpiece.

So we figured we’d share a few. You’re welcome.

Petal-strewn barkdust makes for a romantic aisle

Petal-strewn barkdust makes for a romantic aisle



flowers on altar table

Sunflowers and monochromatic blooms bundled into mason jars or wrapped in ribbon decorate a late summer altar table

daisy in hair

What better hair accessory than a giant white gerber daisy! (Photo credit: Kelly Lyon Photography)

bouquet on a hay bale

A wildflower bouquet rests on a hay bale during the reception (Photo credit: Kelly Lyon Photography)

flowers on altar table

The best man admires a flower-laden altar table where bright sunflowers and golden yellow candles take center stage (Photo credit: Kelly Lyon Photography)


Succulents and rosy blooms make up this bride’s bouquet (Photo credit: Kelly Lyon Photography)



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