The junior naturalists had a busy week learning about the environment and how God provides for us through the gift of nature!

On Monday, the naturalists looked at Lutherwood’s straw bale garden and learned about alternative forms of gardening and growing food. They talked about how God feeds us, and how we can feed others in return.

“God feeds us in many ways, with actual food and with the nature and trees around us,” Lily from the Cedar cabin said. “We can share and give to others to feed them too.”

Brody from the Willow cabin and Sophie from the Cedar cabin both thought God not only feeds us through creation, but also through love and forgiveness.

“God shows us love and mercy and passion to feed us, in a way, and he gives us real food of course,” Brody said. “We can love and forgive other people to feed them back.”

“God provides and feeds you — feeding is really a metaphor for his love,” Sophie said. “You can feed other people by helping them out or telling them about God. It’s important so we can live like him and be forgiven.”

Junior Naturalists look at the map of the watersheds.

Junior Naturalists look at the map of the watersheds.

On Tuesday, the naturalists learned about watersheds and the dangers of pollution. They experimented with an interactive map to see the effects of pollution and flooding on agricultural communities, and learned about sustainable farming techniques. They also explored the environment around camp with a hike to the old growth forest. Sarah from the Cedar cabin said the hike helped show why it is important to preserve the environment.

“God created the environment, and the environment provides plants for us, which is really important,” Sarah said. “We need to remember to water it, to not trample over the plants and to take care of it.”

Campers ask questions about the raptor.

Campers ask questions about the raptor.

On Wednesday, the naturalists learned about the food chain by making a food web out of yarn. They also received a visit from the Cascade Raptor Center to see different types of birds and discover their role in the food chain.

And on Thursday, the junior naturalists got up close and personal with bugs and slugs during a creek walk! Jenna said she saw how God feeds us through nature at Lutherwood.

“There are lots of plants and animals here at Lutherwood and you can see them making their home here, and we should treat them with respect,” Jenna said. “God created them, and he feeds us by making the plants and animals because he loves us.”

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