May 16, 2022 - update

Camp Lutherwood Oregon has published new COVID-19 Guidelines to keep all guests, staff and visitors safe this summer! Before attending camp, please familiarize yourself with the following guidelines:

  • – “Camper” includes all family campers (adults and children) and women’s retreat attendees. 
  • – These guidelines will continue to be updated as new information becomes available and may change if COVID-19 risk increases in Lane County. 
  • – The most current version will be available on our website at lutherwoodoregon.org and will be sent to all registered participants prior to their arrival. 
1. Campers – Before Arrival to Camp 
  • a. Recommend limiting exposure for the two weeks prior to camp for all who are attending a camp session, including families & youth campers (be mindful of risk and stay local) AND 
  • b. REQUIRED FOR ALL CAMPERS: Proof of negative COVID test taken 1-3 days prior to arrival. PCR or at-home tests will be accepted. Please contact the camp office prior to arrival if there are any problems obtaining tests. 
  • c. OPTIONAL: Proof of Vaccination (A copy can be submitted prior to arrival and noted on health forms.) 
2. The Camp Week: 
  • a. Registration & pick up for youth programs will take place in the main camp. Guests are asked to wear a mask if entering any enclosed buildings. Adults dropping off campers are encouraged to stay distanced from other families. Port-a-Potties will be provided for guest use. 
  • b. Family Camp registration will take place in the parking lot and staffed accordingly. c. Daily Schedule will include:
    • i. Camper symptom screening by counselors (before breakfast). Any “fail” screening is reported immediately to Cacara (nurse/medic cabin) 
    • ii. Intentional hand washing stops during the day (prior to meals, after high touch activities, etc) 
  • d. Campers will spend a majority of their time with their cohort (around 40 campers) e. Meals
    • i. Campers will eat within cohorts either outdoors or in the dining hall with open garage doors. 
    • ii. Meals will be eaten buffet style. Hand hygiene will be enforced before entering the buffet line and only one cohort at a time will be allowed at the buffet. 
  • f. Cabins
    • i. All campers will sleep at least 30” apart and head-to-toe with fans, open windows & screen doors. 
  • g. Swimming Pool
    • i. Campers numbers will be monitored at the swimming pool and open to one cohort at a time. 
  • h. Health & Wellness
    • i. Camp will follow all procedures outlined in Lutherwood’s Communicable Disease Plan including what happens if campers or staff exhibit symptoms, testing, plans for sending campers and staff home in case of COVID exposure, etc.
    • ii. Camper and Staff logs will be kept in Cascara including information required by the Oregon Health Authority and daily health check records.
  • i. Masks
    • i. Masks are welcome but not required at camp. Camp Lutherwood Oregon is committed to providing a welcoming environment for anyone that chooses to wear a mask.
3. Staff 
  • a. Vaccinations are required for all staff, proof of vaccination will be kept in staff files. 
  • b. A negative test is required prior to coming to camp. 
  • c. Staff Training includes training on: communication of symptoms, exposure risks, work accommodations for a COVID diagnosis and guidelines for mitigation. d. Staff may choose to wear a mask when indoors and in crowded outdoor spaces. We are committed to a welcoming environment for anyone who chooses to wear a mask. 
  • e. During time off, staff are encouraged to stay onsite but when leaving are encouraged to minimize their exposure as much as possible. 
  • f. Staff will self-screen daily for COVID-19 symptoms, reporting any to Cascara (nurse/medic cabin) immediately. 
4. The Camp Site will: 
  • a. Provide easily accessible hand sanitizer, hand washing stations & opportunities, tissues & garbage receptacles. 
  • b. Provide fans and screen doors for all cabins 
  • c. Provide extra masks as needed 
  • d. Provide an isolated space for any campers or staff who develop symptoms at camp located outside of Cascara. 
  • e. Cleaning 
    • i. Frequently/after every activity- high touch surfaces 
    • ii. Daily- all restrooms

February 15, 2020 - update

Camp Lutherwood Oregon continues to follow the guidelines of Oregon Health Authority and government mandates to ensure the safety of families, guests, volunteers and our staff. At this time camp is open to guests by private appointment only and masks are required.

Camp Lutherwood is located in Lane County, which falls under the extreme risk category of the Sector Risk Level Guidance Chart from the Oregon Health Authority.

If you would like to visit camp, please contact the office to make arrangements to ensure that we are able to accommodate you safely. 541-998-6444 or office@lutherwoodoregon.org

August 1, 2020 - update

According to the Governor’s office, Lane County has been approved for Phase 2 operations this week. Camp Lutherwood Oregon is following the guidelines of the local health authorities and government mandates to ensure the safety of families, guests, volunteers and our staff. In an effort to remain safe and healthy, camp is shifting into a phase of being open for guests by private appointment only. You must contact our office to make arrangements about time and date to ensure that we are able to accommodate all safety requirements. Please contact us at 541-998-6444 or office@lutherwoodoregon.org for more information and to make your request. 

July 1, 2020 - update

Camp Lutherwood Oregon is not open to any guests until at least July 31st. All planned 2020 summer programs have been suspended. We are following the guidelines of the local health authorities and government mandates and will consider possible events for families and adults, as soon as it is safe to do so.

The Governor’s office issued a final decision around the opening of summer camps yesterday, June 1st, saying, “After much consideration, and in consultation with the Oregon Health Authority and local public health officials, our office will not be allowing overnight camps to operate this summer. We are seeing increased cases in migrant housing and other settings involving overnight programming and, when it comes to Oregon’s children, we can’t take the risk of opening overnight summer camps.”

Camp is far from quiet these days. Construction continues on the Dining Hall and we are still hoping for a completion date in the coming weeks. Preliminary work has begun on the permits for the new bathhouse as well. In May, we received an $18,000 grant from the Grey Family Foundation for deferred maintenance projects around camp. This time without any guests is allowing us to complete much needed projects and upgrades. Watch our social media for updates on what’s happening at Lutherwood.

Be part of our path forward!

By: Andrea Scofield, Executive Director

We hope this letter finds you and your family safe and well during this time when the world around us all is so uncertain. It’s hard to believe that it was just over one year ago that we lost the lodge to the fire at Camp Lutherwood Oregon. So much has happened since that day! We are happy to report that because of the support and generosity of the entire Camp Lutherwood community, in the months following the fire, we were able to:

  • RESUME Outdoor School last spring
  • CARRY ON with summer camp as planned 
  • BUILD a brand-new dining hall and kitchen, which is scheduled to be completed in the coming weeks 

In addition to the fire recovery efforts, we launched the Bridge to the Future capital campaign, with a goal of $4.2 million which has already received over $1.5 million dollars of pledged funds.

When combined with early fire recovery dollars and insurance payments the campaign will build:

  • DINING HALL (almost complete)
  • – NEW BRIDGE is scheduled to be installed very soon thanks to the in-kind donation of Wildish Construction in Eugene
  • NEW LODGE AND RETREAT CENTER with housing for adults and families
  • BATHHOUSE near the upper cabins

As strange as it may sound, the fire recovery work positioned us well to weather the COVID-19 pandemic that we are all currently facing. We are as committed to the mission and the continuation of Camp Lutherwood Oregon today as we were the day after that fire. That does not mean that the road ahead is easy; these are still unchartered waters for camp and for us all as we navigate a new world together.

Last week, the Board of Directors made the difficult decision to suspend all planned programs for summer 2020. We believe this is the safest and best path forward this year because of the ever-changing landscape of government mandates and our strong commitment to the health and safety of our campers, staff and guests, as well as our desire to be financially responsible with the long-term mission of this ministry. 

We continue to monitor the regulations closely and, if possible, alternative options such as work days, small group family camps or day events may be considered later in the summer. Additionally, camper families and congregation leaders will be surveyed to hear what resources might be helpful until we can gather again. 

Of course, our forced closure during COVID-19 has had financial impact. The Outdoor School season ended abruptly. Ten weeks of revenue were lost. The number of year-round camp staff has been drastically reduced. The site continues to operate minimally, though many expenses continue. Every effort is being made to reduce costs and conserve our resources.

As was evident by the outpouring of support after the fire, Camp Lutherwood Oregon is blessed with an amazing community of donors, congregations, volunteers and campers. 

Camp Lutherwood Oregon is committed to our mission and vision, even during the Coronavirus pandemic:

  • – Summer camp remains central; we are already planning for summer 2021. 
  • – Camp exists to be a place where people gather; new and meaningful ways of experiencing the camp community are in the works. 
  • – Camp Lutherwood Oregon will continue to be a vibrant center of spirituality, service and hospitality to people of all ages and abilities whether virtually or in person.  
  • – The capital campaign will continue to move forward as we implement the master site plan that allows camp to serve campers and guests for many years to come.

We are taking this time to pause and evaluate our path forward. When we re-open, we will be an even stronger and more vibrant ministry, with new facilities and programs.

When this crisis has passed, Camp Lutherwood Oregon will be essential to the healing we all need. Children and families will experience joy and laughter in the camp community. Schools will continue to educate children about the environment using our site.  All of us will seek comfort and healing in the midst of nature where reminders of God’s promises are waiting to be discovered.  

Thank you for your continued support of Camp Lutherwood Oregon and for being such an important part of our path forward. We could not do it without you! We pray for the health and safety of you and your family in the challenging days ahead.