The challenge course is a primary component of our programs, and we invite youth, adult, family, school, church, corporate groups and organizations to participate at any time of the year on-site or with portable off-site programs. In order to use our challenge course, prior arrangements must be made for your group, and trained Lutherwood facilitators must be present. Please call the office at (541) 998-6444 or email office@lutherwoodoregon.org to add any part of the challenge course to your package. (rates are determined by group size and number of facilitators needed)

Climbing Tower:

Built in spring 2013, our 25 ft outdoor climbing tower gives the feeling of outdoor climbing for beginning and intro levels. Set up for group or staff belay, there are three faces and various levels of difficulty on each wall. This can be set up as an individual or group challenge, depending on your needs. Your participants will learn goal setting, accountability, support and trust while our trained staff present safety introduction and checks for gear and equipment. All elements meet Association of Challenge Course Technology and American Camp Association standards and are inspected annually.

Low Ropes Elements:

On the low elements, your group will navigate different structures in order to complete an initiative. Unlike portable initiatives, these are stationary on our site year round. Although the structure stays the same, the initiative, story and experience will be different each time. With unique low elements throughout our 71 acres, your group will experience natural settings while learning spotting techniques, problem solving and communication skills. All elements are between 1-3 ft off the ground, including a diverse circuit, whale watch, spider’s web and five sided TP shuffle.

Portable Elements:

Many people consider the actual ropes, wires and structures to be necessary for challenge course and team building. At Lutherwood Oregon, our activities use balls, ropes, blindfolds and sometimes no props at all. These games, warm ups and field initiatives will prepare your group for future challenges on our elements, or continue the learning right on the ground!

Why choose the challenge course?

Our challenge course elements are designed for team building and accomplishing goals as a group. Our elements are not simply activities, but are carefully designed with a purpose and positive outcome behind each challenge. We value the following for our challenge course:

Experiential Learning: Camp Lutherwood Oregon’s challenge course is an integral part of our commitment to experiential learning. All groups are encouraged to be actively engaged in the activities and challenges, followed by reflection and application to further learning. This process and type of learning is guided by a facilitator but led by the group themselves as they encounter consequences, success, failure and surprises. Experiential learning aligns with our mission at Camp Lutherwood Oregon, educating participants in self-awareness, relationship to others and the world.

Intentional Process: Camp Lutherwood Oregon’s trained staff facilitates all challenge course activities through an intentional process. Each group is unique; therefore the initiatives and challenges are designed to meet the specific needs of the group. Listening, trust, working cooperatively, self-discovery and leadership are just some of the lessons that can be addressed using a framework for team building as well as personal growth. The framework includes ice breakers and introductions, games, activities and initiatives on ground and low elements to work on specific group outcomes and goals.

Safety: Safety is the top priority on all aspects of the challenge course. Camp Lutherwood Oregon staff gives particular attention to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual safety of each individual and the group as a whole. Facilitators monitor the perceived and actual risk of each activity and instruct participants in safety requirements. They are also trained in the site-specific safety for the elements, equipment and environment surrounding them. All elements meet Association of Challenge Course Technology and American Camp Association standards and are inspected annually.

Accessibility: Camp Lutherwood Oregon believes that each challenge course experience offers all individuals and groups opportunities to learn, grow and develop; we welcome all groups who desire to be challenged. Programs are tailored to the specific physical, emotional and behavioral needs of the group.

Can’t make it to camp? Hours of intense challenge, personal discovery and group building can be planned for any space with any equipment. Our trained facilitators can plan games, challenge course and create scenarios with simple supplies or no props at all. Let us bring the challenge course to you! Rates based on mileage and facilitators needed.