About the campaign

In the months before the 2019 lodge fire, the Camp Lutherwood Oregon Board of Directors recognized the critical need to expand camp’s capacity for year-round operations to meet the changing needs of those we serve, and to create a sustainable business model.

The planned enhancement of year-round operations opens doors to people of all ages to use the site and facilities for outdoor school, community events, and private retreats; providing life-changing experiences and increasing revenue streams for camp operations.

The fire destroyed not only a historic building, but the only large group meeting space, dining hall, and commercial kitchen. 

Faith is passed best from generation to generation, and throughout our lives we have need for places away where families, adults, and children can build bridges through experience to pass on the faith. For the sake of generations to come, we must not only restore Lutherwood to full operations, but build for future growth.

Therefore, Camp Lutherwood Oregon must:

  • • Replace the commercial kitchen and large group meeting space
  • • Recover the maximum occupancy of the camp
  • • Enhance year-round facilities and quality accommodations for adults
  • • Improve and expand restroom facilities

site map

The plan

Fundraising Goal: $4,200,000


In order to fund the complete development plan, the Camp Lutherwood Oregon Association of Congregations along with the Board of Directors have approved a capital campaign to secure funding from individuals, families, congregations, businesses, and foundations. Gifts to the campaign will be received in the form of two to five-year pledges, one-time gifts, gifts in the form of appreciated securities, and gift-in-kind.

1 gift                                   $500,000                            $500,000

2 gifts                                 $250,000                         $1,000,000

8 gifts                                 $75,000                            $2,000,000

15 gifts                              $25,000                            $2,875,000

30 gifts                              $10,000                            $3,475,000

50 gifts                              $3,000                               $3,825,000

300 gifts                           $500                                   $4,095,000

# OF GIFTS                      AMOUNT                   CUMULATIVE

4 gifts                                 $100,000                         $1,400,000

10 gifts                              $50,000                            $2,500,000

40 gifts                              $5,000                               $3,675,000

120 gifts                           $1,000                               $3,945,000

420 gifts                           $250                                   $4,200,000

20 gifts                              $15,000                            $3,175,000

All gifts will be recognized in publications as permitted by the giver. Gifts of $5,000 or more will be recognized in a permanent manner in the new facilities.

Additionally, naming rights are available for the following projects:

  • Retreat Center: $1,000,000, 1 Available
  • Lodge: $500,000, 1 Available
  • Dining Hall: $300,000, 1 Available
  • Lodge Dining Room: $100,000, 1 Available
  • Lodge Meeting Room: $75,000, 1 Available
  • Lodge Lobby: $75,000, 1 Available
  • Retreat Center Suite: $50,000, 9 Available
  • Elevator: $50,000, 1 Available
  • Retreat Center Bedroom: $25,000, 5 Available (2 claimed!)

If you are interested in hearing more about the Bridge to the Future campaign or to make a pledge to the campaign, please contact Melissa Singletary, Development Director at melissa@lutherwoodoregon.org or 206-790-7859

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