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My first six months as a full-time staff member at Camp Lutherwood Oregon have also been my first six months of non-summer at Camp Lutherwood Oregon.

Camp moves in seasons.

The golden quiet of fall moves into the festive chill of winter. And these days I find myself sniffing the first whiffs of spring to the tune of a frog chorus.

And through each transition, camp serves a new community of guests, campers, and staff.

Christmas tree hunts, church council retreats, outdoor school classes, and visitors and volunteers of all sorts make their way to this place set apart.

We hosted almost twice as many guests in spring and fall 2015 (1,573), as in the summer months (794)! And the ELCA’s recent article points to a similar trend throughout outdoor ministry.

Like the natural world, camp is never fully asleep. It moves in a 12-month rhythm of ever-growing life. Sometimes that life is loud and bright, other times it breathes more gently.

As people with a place in Creation, we too, are connected to these cycles and seasons. During Lent I especially treasure walking alongside the natural world as it wakes up to new life.

Vicky Hart, Communication and Outreach Coordinator

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