Today we celebrated Epiphany with a Secret Magi gift exchange among our staff. Little did we know that another secret magi had been working behind-the-scenes…

A UPS truck arrived just before lunch, and as we greeted the driver I noticed a particularly large grin on his face. We soon realized why he was so eager to unload. He carried in box after box addressed to Camp Lutherwood Oregon. Some were long and thin, others were square and heavy… five or six in all!

The delivery truck drove away and we went at it like it was Christmas morning.

Someone had visited our Amazon Wish List and purchased more than $650 worth of much needed items for camp!

Thank you!!

Those coffee pots, hula hoops, and doormats may as well have been gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

It’s easy to feel a little forgotten in the bleak midwinter, but that kind of overflowing generosity engenders instant joy and warmth. Each of those gifts will be appreciated by guests and staff for many Christmases to come.

Thank you to those who support this ministry in every season.

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