The rains came down and the creek came up! Another week of rain led to an inundated garden, a few swamped trails, and a couple down trees. We’re all high and dry for now, and the waters are meant to recede over the weekend.

IMG_4395IMG_4402 IMG_4390 IMG_4393

This gift of water is a reminder of God’s promise — to Noah after the flood, to Moses in the desert, and to each of us in baptism. We pray for the safety of those communities endangered by flood and drought, while we give thanks for God’s overflowing love and grace.

God of promise, you promised to be with your people through the waters of the Red Sea and with us in the waters of baptism. May your promise be known through the life-giving waters provided to communities where water has been dry, In Jesus’ name, AMEN.
(from Lutheran World Relief, see the full devotional here)

We’ll keep you posted!!

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