In case you missed it — our annual Oktoberfest Celebration & Fundraiser was a blast. And it featured some seriously cool decorating DIYs that transformed the lodge into a one-of-a-kind event space.

First up, these adorable pumpkin centerpieces. Local artist and Lutherwood supporter Heidi Stolp churned out more than 20 of these bad boys. The secret? A whole roll of toilet paper inside keeps them sturdily upright. She then padded out the circle of festive fabric with cotton batting. A few real-life twigs and faux flowers added the finishing touch!


Next, our hula hoop chandeliers. Inspired by an existing tutorial, we dug out some old hula hoops and customized the design for camp. We started by tying eight pieces of arm-length fishing line at even intervals around the hoop. Then we tore brown paper bags into long strips and wrapped the hoops, securing the paper in place with hot glue. Finally, we attached icicle lights with jewelry wire and tied all the fishing line together in the center so it would hang evenly. Check it out!


Finally, we used all the cute and campy┬áresources we could find to create an outdoor gathering space for chatting, chilling and dancing. Holly Gibson, a summer staff member and volunteer, dug out a giant wooden spool to provide our band some extra space near the stage. She also arranged (and rearranged) hay bales, Adirondacks, benches, barrels, and quilts to curate the perfect set-up. She pulled birch logs from our firewood for side tables, pumpkins from the garden for decor, and napkins from the kitchen for table coverings. We also hung paper lanterns inside and out — the outdoor ones had an LED light inside! In the end, it made for a festive atmosphere that helped all our guests feel welcome.

DSC_0280 DSC_0624 DSC_0495 DSC_0330 DSC_0319

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