Camp Lutherwood: Then and Now (Pt. 1)

There are several tubs of camp photos in the office.

That’s right. Big plastic tubs are packed with cardboard boxes and paper envelopes of photos. A lot of them are stuck together with age. Hardly any are dated or captioned.

They depict a vibrant place full of fun-loving staff and adventurous campers young and older. There are long tables in the lodge, a couple of different swimming pools, lots of horses, at least three kitchen remodels, and a handful of volleyball courts. I’d guess they cover dates¬†from 1980 to about 2006.

Here’s a selection of sights from then and now:

Please leave a comment or contact us to help pin down dates and identify individuals!

A-Frame Cabins

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Back Field and Upper Cabins


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We’ll post a Part 2 soon!