straw bale garden blog

Last summer’s straw bale garden was a success, so we’re bringing it back to Lutherwood for Round 2 this summer! We placed the straw bales at the April Work Day, and the process has begun!

You can see last year’s bales composting in the center. Any ideas how we could use that luscious soil? We might put some of it right back on top of the fresh bales as planting soil!


Day 1: Break up the bales (we used a crowbar to open up the tops, but any garden tool would work). Add 3 cups of fertilizer to each bale (we used an organic mix). Soak the bale to water it in.

Day 2: Water the bales to saturation (1-2 gallons each).

Day 3: Set up the soaker hoses. Add 3.5 cups of fertilizer to each bale, and enough water to wash the fertilizer into the bales.


Day 4: Water to saturation.

Day 5: Add 3.5 cups of fertilizer to each bale and water (warm is best).


Day 6: Water (warm is best).

Day 7: Add 1.75 cups of fertilizer to each bale, and use warm water to wash it in.

We’ll plant all our delicious vegetables at the upcoming Work Day (May 14th), and then campers will tend and harvest them all summer!


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