Packing List



Sleeping Bag & Pillow

Sleeping Bag & Pillow

Casual Clothes (jeans, shorts, T-shirts)

Underwear & Socks (Bring enough for the week, and a few extra pairs!)

Closed-toe shoes

Layers (Rain jackets, sweatshirts, extra socks) for the evening.

Bath Towel, washcloth, toiletries (Shamepoo, toothpaste, etc.)

Medications (if needed)

Sunscreen & hats

Water bottle (or purchase one from our Trading Post!)


Special Items

Program specific supplies

(rafting, service projects, climbing)

Musical instrument

Letter writing material


Optional Items


Fitted sheet to cover a twin size mattress


Bug spray & lip balm

Headlamp or flashlight

Money for Trading Post (deposited for Sunday check in)

Creek walking shoes (not flip flops)

Extra pair of shoes for hiking

White T-shirt for  tie dye crafts

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