Every day at camp we hold worship up at Outdoor Chapel, a gathering spot in the woods with a tree-trunk cross surrounded by beautiful vine leaf maples that turn a brilliant shade of green as light from the morning sun pours in.

Campers and staff sing songs at Outdoor Chapel

Campers and staff sing songs at Outdoor Chapel.

It is a chance for all campers from the various camps to praise God together, but it’s also a meaningful time for prayer and reflection.

Prayer is a crucial part of having a relationship with God, but often misunderstood. It does not have to be structured a certain way, or about a certain thing.

Prayer can be in the form of a need, a concern, a praise, or simply a daily check-in.

We asked campers what they learned this week about how they connect with God at worship and through prayer. Here is what they had to say!

“You can pray anywhere and you don’t necessarily have to pray out loud,” Lindsey from Pine cabin said. “You could always just say silly things to God and you don’t have to be fancy or say big words.”

“It doesn’t matter what you say, as long as you feel connected to God,” Alexander from Cedar cabin said. “I like going to worship because I like singing the songs.”

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Becca leads a song at worship.

“You can pray any way you want to, there aren’t any rules for it,” Kassidy from Pine cabin said. “You just have to find the way that works for you.”

“I like going to worship because the songs are always exciting and it is a fun way to pray,” Travis from Cedar cabin said.

“You can pray any way you want to,” Jessica from Pine cabin said. “You can talk to God like you are just His friend. You can pray anywhere, anytime, anyway.”

“When you pray it doesn’t really have to be about a specific thing, you can kind of just talk to Him,” Jeffrey from Cedar cabin said. “Worship is really great for me personally because it makes me feel closer to God, and it is nice to be out in a setting where you are surrounded by his creation.”

Check out our video about prayer and worship here!

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