We’ve changed the name of our summer day camp program to Lutherwood on Location!  


Steps toward Ministry Relationship and Covenant: Day Camp 2018

1) Contact Lutherwood’s coordinator for Congregational Outreach and Program Renewal, Rev. Sara Gross Samuelson. (You can be in touch with Sara by email: sara@lutherwoodoregon.org or by phone: 503-367-7439. )

2) You’ll be invited into conversation and discernment about what’s going on in ministry in your location, how day camp was for you in the past (or why Lutherwood on Location/what was formerly Day Camp came across your plate as a new idea this year!) and what Lutherwood on Location in 2018 might look like for your congregation and for the staff of Lutherwood.

3) An available programming week will be discussed (see below for current openings).

4) You’ll be sent a ministry covenant and confirmation of your Lutherwood on Location week of ministry, with a request for your $400 non-refundable deposit.


2018 Lutherwood on Location Available Dates: 

June 24-29: West Linn Lutheran + 1 spot available

July 8-13:  Bethel Lutheran, Brush Prairie + 1 spot available

July 15-20: Creator, Clackamas + 1 spot available 

July 22-27: 2 spots available 

July 29-August 3: St. Paul, Sherwood  

August 5-10: Grace, Corvallis + 1 spot available


Camp Lutherwood Oregon continues to offer three pricing packages to best serve the needs of your congregation and our ministry together with Lutherwood on Location. Program supplies include curriculum and most supplies for crafts, creation, games and Bible Adventure. Part of your mutual discernment will include discussion of your staffing needs.

Prices remain the same as Day Camp summer prices for 2017. Download a printable summary of our 2017 Day Camp Packages and select the option that best suits your community!