Jr. Engineers worked all week to create structures to protect their eggs from a 30–foot drop off the top of the Lutherwood Climbing Tower!

Campers work on building their structures!

On Tuesday the Jr. Engineers talked about different ideas and drew out their designs on paper. On Wednesday they built their structures out of recycled materials they could find around camp.

“We are doing an egg drop contest,” Rachel said. “They set out a bunch of supplies, and we grabbed all we could!”

Finally, on Thursday they put their designs to the test, to see if their egg would survive the fall!

There were many different types of designs including eggs wedged in the middle of pool noodles, eggs wrapped in bubble wrap, and eggs with parachutes and balloons!

Campers show off their successful structure!

Campers show off their successful structure!

“We put balloons on the bottom of our structure for a soft landing” Nick said. “Our egg didn’t break!”

Jr. Engineers all did such an awesome job at creating their egg drop structures that everyone’s eggs made it out whole! But it was not easy creating a successful structure. Through the process of designing and building, Jr. Engineers learned about forgiving others like God forgives us.

“If someone fails in your group, then you can forgive them,” Dexter said.

“If you make a mistake, maybe you will argue with your group, but you can forgive each other and God can forgive you,” Sadie said.

Campers get ready to send up their egg to be dropped!

Campers are excited that their egg didn’t break!

Check out our video about the Jr. Engineering egg drop!

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