When nine people caravan more than 100 miles to volunteer in the middle of a November work-week, there’s got to be something beyond the ordinary pride-of-a-job-well-done in the mix.

For the Brush Prairie Builders that extraordinary something is friendship.

The builders lined up and smiling for a group photo after a hard day's work

The members of a men’s Bible study in Brush Prairie, Wash., headed the call when Jim Fuerstenberg asked for volunteers to insulate two of Lutherwood’s upper cabins.

Many of Jim’s Bible study buddies brought building and construction experience to the project. Expertise, combined with relentless determination to finish the job, made for a super efficient work crew. They started early and finished after dark each day, diving into the project within minutes of arriving on-site.

The inside of a finished (insulated and paneled) cabin became a cutting room

Ivy and Trillium, the farthest of the upper cabins, were insulated and paneled so they’re suitable for all-seasons. The Trading Post also got a layer of insulation and smooth paneling, making it a secure indoor storage space for camp merchandise year-round.

The team ranged in age by about 30 years, included members from two churches, and a range of career backgrounds. Most of them had never been to Lutherwood before. They spent evenings laughing and chatting in the lodge, and returned to the work site after dinner on at least one occasion.

Camp Lutherwood Oregon is a place that is about people. No matter what brings a person to camp, we always hope they discover caring and affirming relationships with God, self, others, and nature.
(Seriously, it’s in our mission statement.)

And in the case of the Brush Prairie Builders, that mission is undoubtedly alive and well.

collage of action photos -- lifting insulation to the ceiling, nailing it to walls, cutting panelling, measuring on ladders, and carrying bags of insulation

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