Meet our Board of Directors!

Terry Buchholz, President
Term ends January 2018
St. Andrew Lutheran Church (Beaverton, OR)
Terry recently moved to Sisters, Oregon where she lives in the woods with her husband Bob and dog Bella. Her family started coming to Camp Lutherwood in 1998, shortly after moving to Oregon from Nebraska. Terry’s three daughters attended camp from childhood through high school, and two of them (Megan and Clarissa) served as summer staff.
Terry joined the board in 2011 because of her interest in getting Lutherans to camp and strengthening their relationships with God.
She is a water resources engineer and strategist, working for her own company Integrated Water Solutions with her oldest daughter Lauren. Terry loves to hike, bike, camp, cook, sew and read.

Jonathan Cavanagh, Secretary
Term ends January 2017

Alan Christensen, Vice President
Term ends January 2018
St. Luke Lutheran Church (Portland, OR)
Alan is a native Oregonian but spent a good deal of his adult life in Montana, where he had a long affiliation with a Lutheran outdoor ministry. Being a Board member at Camp Lutherwood Oregon became more feasible after his retirement and when her grandchildren began going to camp. Alan sees great growth potential in the camp and hopes that he can help it realize that potential. 

Craig Farnstrom
Term ends January 2019
St. Luke Lutheran Church (Portland, OR)
Craig lives in Tualatin, OR with his wife Cindi and children Kyle and Rachel. They first learned about camp in 2012 going to a Family Camp weekend. Craig joined the board to give back to a place that quickly became near to our family’s heart.

John Gustafson, Treasurer
Term ends January 2018
United Lutheran Church (Eugene, OR)
John lives in Eugene and attends United Lutheran Church. His first connection to Camp Lutherwood Oregon was as a camper in 1968. John’s pastor talked him into taking his spot as treasurer on the board when he went on sabbatical.

Donna Koehneke
Term ends January 2019
Peace Lutheran Church (West Salem, OR)
Donna, a Michigan native, was taught at an early age to appreciate the outdoors and farming through many years of 4-H experiences. She is a retired teacher; enjoying the flexible time her schedule allows being a part-time church organist/musician and community volunteer. Donna’s first experience at Camp Lutherwood Oregon was being greeted at the bridge when her children attended camp in the ’80s and ’90s. In 2015 she had three generations of family enjoying Family Camp together over the 4th of July. Donna feels that is an honor to serve on the board and be involved in the on-going mission, vision and core values of Camp Lutherwood.  

Pastor Jeremy Lucke
Term ends January 2019
Peace Lutheran Church (Philomath, OR)
Pastor Jeremy feels that Camp Lutherwood Oregon makes an impact upon the lives of youth.  The staff cares about the spiritual development of its campers, setting them up for a more abundant life as they return home. He desires to make this more known to people of all ages.

Pastor Kelle Nelson
Term ends January 2019
St. Paul Lutheran Church (Portland, OR)
Pastor Kelle believes that Camp Lutherwood Oregon has been a source of support for her and her family for a very long time. She feels that it is an honor to be able to serve on the board, to not only give back but to ensure Lutherwood can help others.

Lennie Torgerson
Term ends January 2018
Prince of Life Lutheran Church (Oregon City, OR)
Lennie was born and raised in Palmer, Alaska, in the heart of the Matanuska Valley. She and her husband transplanted to Oregon in 1989. Lennie recalls sending my daughter to camp, when she was 11 or 12, then her son also came to camp, and Lennie starting attending the Women’s Retreat. It was the Executive Director, Andrea Scofield (who’s also a member at Prince of Life), who invited her to consider joining the Board of Directors in 2011. Lennie is really looking forward to continuing being a part of Camp Lutherwood Oregon and working toward a future as a year-round retreat.


Interested in joining the team? Know someone who would make a great board member? We’re accepting applications and nominations for one- to three-year terms. Contact for more information.